Carolyn Starr Ellis

My adventure in art began at 11 years old. At school one day, the teacher asked a student to come up to the board and draw a tree. He did not draw two sticks and a circle on top, instead he drew a tree with limbs. I was fascinated that someone could do that.

See, back in the 1960’s, art was not offered in public school. I had never been exposed to its wonders. After witnessing this “miracle tree” drawing, I told my mother and the next thing I knew, I was taking oil painting lessons on Saturday mornings with other kids my age. I loved going there. After about five years, my instructor became ill and lessons were no longer offered.

The next time I was instructed in art was at the University of South Carolina where I received a degree in Art Studio. This is where I fell in love with acrylic paint as a medium and working with clay. It’s amazing how good clay feels in your hands!

Then life happened – husband and children. I became Carolyn Starr McCauley. My personal art was put on the back burner.

After the death of my husband in 1995, I changed careers and began teaching art. I went back to school and earned my masters in Creative Teaching. I received National Board Certification in teaching Art. Life was very busy again. I remarried and became Carolyn Starr Ellis. To simplify name changes, I went back to signing my work, C.A. Starr. After 20 years of teaching, I retired. Finally, I have time for my art.

This website holds many pictures of my art. I am thrilled to share them with you. Your feedback is always welcome – and of course, purchases or commissions.

You can contact me by email, phone, and mail:

457 East Church Street
Leesville, South Carolina 29070


"I am constantly surprised and amazed at Carolyn's imagination and definite skill and talent in the myriad of ways she presents her ideas!"

Hylos Barrett

"Thank you for auctioning your artwork to help. What a caring gesture. It is beautiful!"

Debbie Knight