"Carolyn’s art work is absolutely beautiful. I have several of her paintings in my home and definitely plan on getting more for our new home in the future. I also have several of her pottery pieces. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent. She did a painting of my daughter and son-in-law of their engagement and it’s beautiful. I highly recommend any of her work."

- Janine Burrows


“I have known Carolyn for many years. She is truly a very talented artist. I have witnessed some of her work first hand. She is very articulate in doing all of her paintings. I cannot say enough of how wonderful a person and artist she is!”

- Tilda Stone


“Carolyn is a very passionate and talented artist. I find joy in her artwork. I constantly check on Facebook to see if she has posted anything new. Her artwork is both unique and inspiring. I have several of her pieces in my home. She has been so generous with her talent, recently donating a piece for a silent auction to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. I cannot possibly put into words the appreciation I have for her and her artwork. I cannot wait to have another piece in my home.”

Amanda Matthews


“Carolyn Starr Ellis is a phenomenal artist. I have three of her original paintings and two of her plates. She is a perfectionist in her works. Her paintings are so lifelike that it’s like you are there. I have also taken some art classes from her and she has a way of making an ordinary person, who has no functional art skills, create a masterpiece in their eyes. I plan to purchase more of her originals for my home. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing woman!”

- Geena Beerman


“What can I say? – I LOVE Carolyn’s art!! Both her pottery and paintings have been irresistible to me. I’ve built up quite a collection over the last few years. Carolyn’s imagination and color usage of both paint and clay are so wonderful. I am often “wowed” when I first see a new piece or an older piece that’s new to me. I often say, “I want that.” And it goes into my ever-growing collection. I’m hoping that her new endeavour, of a website, enables people all over to enjoy her beautiful artwork.”

- Kerry Swan


“I am proud to display this original C.A. Starr painting in my Senate office. It represents the goodness of people and the concern for others. Carolyn did an outstanding job of capturing the hearts of South Carolinians during a very stressful time.”

Katrina Shealy 


SC Senator Katrina Shealy was the highest bidder for the original C.A. Starr painting to benefit the Flood Victims of 2015